Replace your old incandescent annunciators with reliable LED panels
• Cut maintenance cost to zero
• Eliminate dispatch delays from faulty annunciators
• Add value to your aircraft
• Improve flight safety

Why your old annunciators are obsolete and are costing you money

Obsolete design

The annunciators on your aircraft are still using obsolete 1960’s incandescent technology – with up to 136 incandescent light bulbs running red hot in small enclosures. This intense heat means 136 chances for a bulb to suddenly fail – compared to new cool-running LEDs that never burn out.

How Lumatech Panels save you money and improve safety

LEDs – lifetime reliability

Lumatech annunciators use lifetime LEDs. Old annunciators with incandescent lamps waste 80% of their power generating destructive heat, instead of light. LEDs generate almost no heat, so they can last up to 100,000 hours – virtually the life of the aircraft. And solid state LEDs don’t have a fragile filament to break.