Greater Scalability, Building Block Design and Simplified Upgrades

Three displays are available, offering optimal flexibility for panel configurations, including a large 10.6-inch display, and two versions of 7-inch displays, in portrait and landscape orientations. The 10.6-inch display can operate as a primary flight display (PFD), multi-function display (MFD) and optional EIS in a highly customized package, while the 7-inch portrait display can be dedicated to one of those functions.

The G500 TXi system is intended for Part 23 Class I & II aircraft, with G600 TXi designed for Class III aircraft and G700 TXi intended for Part 23 Class IV and Part 25 aircraft. Supplemental Type Certification (STC) for the G500 TXi/G600 TXi and EIS TXi systems is targeted for approval in Q4 2017.

Upgrade legacy G500 & G600 to TXi

Existing legacy G500 and G600 can be replaced by the TXi displays while retaining the already install AHRS, ADC & Magnetometer for a simple and affordable upgrade.

Industry-first Touchscreen EIS Solutions

The TXi series supports various features, including lean assist mode, pilot-configurable advisories and more, providing pilots with opportunities to achieve greater fuel economy, improved engine efficiency and superior engine operation. Compatible with single-engine and twin-engine normally aspirated or turbo-charged aircraft, EIS TXi supports Lycoming or Continental 4/6-cylinder engines, offering a broad range of aircraft compatibility.

Best-in-class Reversionary Mode — Say Goodbye to Standbys

The 7-inch TXi displays are compatible with an optional backup battery (GBB 54), which can power the display (and integrated sensors) for 30 minutes in the event the aircraft electrical system fails.

Next-generation HSI Adds Mapping

The TXi family boasts a geographical map overlay within the horizontal situation indicator (HSI) on the PFD

Fully Loaded Functionality

Pilots are offered significant savings on database subscriptions as OnePak™ annual database and PilotPak global database subscriptions are compatible with these displays.

Pilots can view and alternate between Garmin FliteCharts® or optional Jeppesen®

Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT™) is standard on G600 TXi (optionally available on G500 TXi) and presents a 3D depiction of terrain, obstacles, traffic environment.

An optional dedicated PFD controller (GCU 485) is available in 5 different formats and provides pilots with an additional source to make adjustments to the heading and altitude bugs, barometric setting and more. A back-up GPS is built into the displays, providing speed, direction and position information in the event the primary GPS navigator fails (with optional antenna; external mounting not required).

Get up to Speed with Garmin Training

For customers, each TXi system will include access to a TXi e-learning course developed by the Garmin Pilot Training Team.

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